Arb'O2, un consortium pour libérer le potentiel créatif de la construction bois
05 November 2018

Arb'O2, a consortium for releasing the creative potential of timber construction

Timber experts, design offices, builders, and industrial manufacturers have all got together in a consortium called Arb'O2. A full range of skills and expertise are united in pursuit of innovation in timber construction and to drive the whole sector onward!

The Arb'O2 consortium was created by timber concultants Cyme Innovations in 2017, converging the skills of twelve specialist timber construction businesses.

Objectives: To assemble a wide range of expertise and technical know-how and offer a widthwise vision of the whole timber and wood sector.

The consortium's big strength, its first innovation, is the consortium itself,

explains Mathieu Chapus, an architect with Arb'O2 consortium member Deux & Demi.

This joining of forces ans skills to enable exchanges on technical feasibility right at the outset of a project is the first innovation of our proposition.

And it works ! Arb'O2 is one of the prizewinners of the "Licence to Innovate" contest organized by the Bordeaux Euratlantique City regerantion programme in the scope of its "Wood as a new solution for the repurposable building" project.

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Shifting fire safety regulation lines

The consortium's second concern is to bring legislation up to date, notably as regards fire safety regulations, whih contain certain provisions that pu a brake on timber construction.

Fire reaction and resistance characteristics are restrictive when it comes to timber, as are smoke evacuation from collective areas, non-propagation of fire through exterior walls.

Says Cyme Innovations' CEO Laurence Colombani, on whose initiative the consortium was founded.

The objective is to consider revisions to the regulatory framwork, which is extremely complex in France. We need to shift the lines in order to liberate French construction whitout in any way compromising safety conditions and building quality.

This approach is notably backed by the "Licence to Innovate contest", which has allowed designers and builders to waive the offending rules for seven years in order to test new techniques, new foms, new programmes in the scope of "Operations of national interest" (OIN).

Arb'O2 also wants to study the issue of avoiding the use of chemical treatment to increase the durability of construction timber by experimenting with the various wood species. Whithout chemical treatment, fire safety requirements could be combined with other related to the growing demand for healthy buildings.

This idea is therefore indeed to promote timber, to innovate in order to release constructive potential, to expand the market, and "to put some wind in the sails of the currently under-developed French forestry-timber sector", points out the arhictect. To do so, the consortium is open to all partnerships. The ambition is to privilege local materials, regionale expertise, and economic short circuits on a project-by-project basis.

Photos credit: SIMONIN


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