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The Eurobois trade show is committed to working alongside exhibitors who are committed to a more eco-responsible wood industry. Find out what ESG actions Eurobois exhibitors are taking at their own level to contribute to the more responsible, inclusive and respectful development of the wood sector. 





Ecological and innovative building materials for modern house construction: this is what Best Wood SCHNEIDER stands for. We develop and manufacture all products necessary for construction and insulation out of wood – and in a closed resource cycle. Whether timber and passive house construction, single-family house or multi-storey timber construction: we provide you ith all timber construction materials that make an impression in terms of quality but leave no ecological mark. 







For several decades now, we have seen our environmental and energy policy as a mission and an obligation to constantly assess and reduce the impact of our activities on the environment and the consumption of natural resources. That’s why we apply the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals to every stage in the life of our products, focusing in particular on durability, recyclability, and eco-responsible, local manufacturing.  








Over the past few years, Cosentino has developed innovative and exclusive technologies such as HybriQ and HybriQ+, allowing a considerable step forward in the evolution of the brand Silestone®, in terms of functionality, quality, beauty and abive all durability. The manufacturing process is powered by 100% of renewable energy, 99% of recycled water and a minimum of 20% recycled materials. Thanks to HybriQ+ technology, the new Silestone maintains its performance and behavior through durability, resistance, and hygiene, while increasing its aesthetic possibilities.  






The global WeCare project combines all the activities carried out by the Leitz, Boehlerit and Bliz Group in the societal, social and cultural fields, as well as the protection of species, nature and the environment. Local or small-scale actions are optimally supported, as the regional roots have retained their importance for this family business, which has been operating globally for five generations. 






At NESTRO we continuously refine our supply portfolio and complement or optimise products. The objective is always to increase efficiency, reduce sound emission and improve air quality resp. bind dangerous pollutants in the filter. NESTRO is a classical environment protection enterprise with significant international honouring. 

NESTRO® mobile dedusters NE in five performance classes for indoor installation meet all standards with regard to residual dust content, noise emissions and extraction capacity. The three performance classes 250, 300 and 350 are equipped with a drive package of the highest energy efficiency class IE5 - consisting of synchronous reluctance motor and frequency converter from ABB. 














Ripaton manufactures table legs and steel furniture in its production workshop in Montpellier. Working with local partners, the brand integrates values of sustainability and eco-responsibility directly into its manufacturing process. The products are lacquered with lead-free and solvent-free powder coating, designed to last for years indoors and outdoors. The Ripaton production facility is powered by green energy, all steel scrap is recyclef and reintegrated into the manufacturing cycle, and the company even offers its own product recovery and recycling program. All packaging is made of recycled cardboard, and 100% of products are made in France, in Montpellier. 









UNTHA develops and produces customised and reliable shredding solutions. Our shredders are robustly built and therefore particularly durable. They are also very energy-efficient and, thanks to their high performance, help to ensure that 100% of residual wood can be used. In this way, the company makes an important contribution to the conservation of resources. 







Instead of simply overstretching the band-saw blade, WINTERSTEIGER uses automatic band tracking control to keep the band-saw blade in position on the deflection pulleys: in addition to protecting and retaining the inner saw band tension, the giding surface on the deflection pulleys is also protected. Combined with the carbon guides, this optimal saw blade tension allows for aggressive positioning of the saw band guides. As a result, the saw band tension is concentrated in the cutting area. The use of this more efficient tool saves wood and therefore preserves this resource as much as possible.   



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