Eurobois 2024 is the meeting place for professionals in the wood industry. It offered a rich program of activities and events for training, information, exchange and discovery of all the innovations and news in the market.

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In 2024, Eurobois hosted the European Championship of Young Carpenters! 
This high-level technical competition featured some thirty young carpenters from 7 different countries!  During three days of competition, young carpenters from European countries built sophisticated carpentry models and demonstrate the professional use of the building material wood.

Organized by :


picto_Plateau TV.png THE WOOD ARENA

Conferences, round tables and interviews on all the current topics of the sector.

A program dedicated to the issues and challenges of your markets.

Organized by Bati-journal TV and Éditions des Halles, with the support of France Bois Forêt, and in partnership with Wood Surfer and Atelier Bois.

The CREAD school was involved in the layout of the Eurobois exhibition!

The students of the school have worked on the layout and design of some areas of the show.


Picto_roue blanche.png EUROBOIS CAMPUS

The space entirely dedicated to employment and training for the wood industry!

A place to meet the schools and training organisations present, and where you could consult job offers in the sector on the job wall!

The wood industry is recruiting and training its professionals!

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Are you an architect or interior designer?
Take a look at Cohome, a layout laboratory featuring ergonomic, practical and innovative solutions from French furniture manufacturers.

A partner of choice! Equipementiers de l'Ameublement français has teamed up with Studio Versavel, a renowned design agency. Their aim? To support them in the run-up to the 3rd edition of the Cohome project, the layout laboratory. Aimed at the entire furniture and fittings industry, and presented at the forthcoming Eurobois 2024 trade show, this new edition holds great promise. It relies on the experience and discerning eye of Julie and Didier Versavel, its two masterminds, selected for their expertise in market uses and constraints, but also for their creativity and vision of multi-generational living.

Every morning from 9:00 to 10:00 on stand 6J44 took place the Cafés de l'Agencement! Where you could attend to a private tour of the use demonstrator with interior designers and equipment manufacturers.



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All the steps involved in the manufacture of panels, from the design of the 3D project to the launch on site in real time.

A life-size wood construction workshop, in the heart of the exhibition, combining traditional and digital techniques!

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Picto_trophée_0.png THE EUROBOIS AWARDS

As a real platform for new product launches, the Eurobois Awards honour industrial and manufacturing firms for the best innovations, new products, and technological advances on display at the trade show.


Outdoor exhibition

WoodMizer is waiting for you at the entrance of the exhibition to introduce you to its 'Wood-Mizer LT15WIDE sawmill'!



"For 34 years, the CNDB has been training, informing and assisting national architects and builders in imagining, designing and prescribing a world of equipment and buildings that are more virtuous, ecological, aesthetic and efficient thanks to the use of wood.

To this end, the CNDB organises, participates in and supports annual events such as trade fairs, conferences and operational visits.

From primary and secondary processing to robotics and exterior fittings, the Eurobois trade fair will be one of the key events for the forestry and timber industry in 2024.

As a partner, the CNDB has plenty of surprises and highlights in store for you."

Sarah LAROUSSI, Managing Director, CNDB

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