07 February 2024

Eurobois 2024 Live: Follow the second day of the exhibition live!

Welcome to the live coverage of the second day of Eurobois 2024!

[PROGRAM] 🔴Let's go for the 2nd day of the Eurobois 2024 trade show!

On the agenda? ➡️ Meet experts, attend live demonstrations and conferences, participate in the Eurobois Awards ceremony, or come enjoy a coffee at the employment café!

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9 a.m: [LIVE🔴] The second day of the trade show is just getting started, and already there are lively discussions and plenty of smiles in the aisles!

🪵 Designers, carpenters, cabinetmakers, wood professionals, exhibitors are waiting for you at their booth!

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11 a.m: 🎤 Jean-Marie Mazière, Mission Manager for promoting trades and competitions at Les Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France, talks to us about the European Young Carpenters Championship.

🪵 The young competitors are in action to finish their project before the final.

💬 "They are proud to showcase their trade," adds Jean-Marie Maziere.

👉 Join us on Friday, February 9th at 11 o'clock at the competition area for the final of the European Young Carpenters Championship.

In the meantime, come support your favorite team! ❤️

1 p.m: 🎬 Young Carpenters on France 3 Auvergne Rhône-Alpes!

🎤 CASTAGNE Paul, MARTINET Antoine, Colin Laîné, and Jean-Marie Maziere share their extraordinary adventure with France 3 regional radio.

👏 The final of the 15th edition of the European Young Carpenters Championship will take place this Friday at Eurobois, THE professional event for the wood industry. While waiting for the verdict, you can come and cheer them on at the trade show!

🔎 This high-level technical competition will feature around thirty young participants from 9 different countries! Over three days of competition, the young carpenters from European countries construct sophisticated timber frame models and demonstrate the professional use of wood as a construction material.

2 p.m: 🔎 The trade show as seen by carpenters, cabinetmakers...

A rich second day, bringing together wood professionals: with workshops from M.O.B, innovations, and conferences.

Still 2 days left to enjoy conferences and activities:

➡️ Conference on the Results of the Sawmill Profession Observatory Survey, with Maurice Chalayer
Wednesday, February 7th from 3:00 PM to 4:15 PM, at the Wood Arena

➡️ Conference: What uses for spruce affected by bark beetles?
Thursday, February 8th from 9:00 AM to 10:15 AM, at the Wood Arena

➡️ Eurobois Awards Trophy Presentation
Wednesday, February 7th from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM to discover the best innovations

➡️ The France Douglas Exhibition

3 p.m: Wood, machinery, and tools 🪵 🪚

🧡 Eurobois trade show is about networking, business, conviviality, but it's also about logs, wood chips, demonstrations, equipment (and a bit of noise!)

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4:30 p.m: [EUROBOIS AWARDS] 🏆 Innovation is at the heart of this 2024 edition!

👥 We now have the winners of the Eurobois Awards. The jury, composed of professionals, institutional representatives, students, and trainers from the wood industry, has reached its verdict!

👏 Congratulations to Durel Machines, who wins the 1st prize Eurobois Awards 2024.

💬 "The choice was not difficult, as out of a jury of 14 people, 13 voted for Durel Machines. It is a young company of 2 years, and we are proud to reward an innovative company with material economy and cost reduction."
Marc Vincent, Jury President and Director of Xylofutur.

The jury also rewarded:
➡️ Pfleiderer France, for the ESG / CSR Award
➡️ HETTICH FRANCE, for the Furniture Design Award
➡️ Systell alphacam, for the Industry Attractiveness Award
➡️ Durel Machines, for the Compagnons du Devoir Trainers Award
➡️ Knapp GMBH, for the Students' Favorite Award

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