08 February 2024

Eurobois 2024 Live: Follow the third day of the exhibition live!

Welcome to the live coverage of the third day of Eurobois 2024!

[PROGRAM] 🔴 Eurobois2024 opens its doors in an hour, and we're revealing today's agenda!

🤩 Today, the ambassadors are present at the trade show, come meet: olive.verdier, copeauxandco, and blomkal_

➡️ On the agenda: conferences, activities, and live demonstrations.
What will you see?

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9 a.m: [LIVE 🔴] Ready for another day filled with wood-inspired inspiration? 🚀 The excitement of the fair is at its peak!

🤩 The aisles are bustling with attendees, and exhibitors are eager to welcome you with enthusiasm.

👉 Come explore the latest technologies, participate in live demonstrations, and meet industry wood experts.

Want to share your experience at the fair? Post your photos and videos with the hashtag #Eurobois2024 and mention us! 🤳

11 a.m: 🔎 The fair seen through the eyes of carpenters...

Whether you're at the fair to expand your network, meet experts, or simply marvel at the models of the Notre-Dame de Paris framework. 👀

Make the most of the activities! 🤩

➡️ European Young Carpenters Competition Finals
Join us on Friday, February 9th for the award ceremony.

➡️ Conference: Use of wood in construction, a reliable and sustainable solution
Thursday, February 8th from 3:15 pm to 4:00 pm at the Wood Arena

➡️ Exhibition of Notre-Dame de Paris framework models

1 p.m: 🎤 Tizoc CHAVEZ, Wood-Mizer France Manager, talks to us about the latest innovation, the LT15 Battery: the world's first battery-powered sawmill!

➡️ Presented for the first time at the Eurobois fair, you can discover it exclusively at their booth and test it out.

When asked: what does Eurobois represent for Wood-Mizer? ❓
💬 "We have very high-quality encounters: professionals come directly to our booth."

3 p.m: 🌳 Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of wood!

💡 An appointment where machines roar, material transforms, artisans meet, and innovations come to life.

Eurobois is about moments of camaraderie among enthusiasts, demonstrations, and a range of cutting-edge equipment.

⚡ Let yourself be carried away by the contagious energy of this leading event in France's wood industry!

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5 p.m: Smiles captured and enthusiasm for our exhibitors! 😁

For this penultimate day, laughter and good spirits abound at the stands as exhibitors willingly pose for photos, much to our delight. We extend our gratitude to them for contributing to the success of this fair.

6:30 p.m: [DAY 3️⃣] That's a wrap on this third day of the Eurobois2024 fair!

It's been a fulfilling day, with enthusiastic visitors and delighted exhibitors - that's what Eurobois is all about.

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👉 Haven't had the chance to visit the fair yet, or haven't seen everything? Don't worry, you still have tomorrow! Thank you all for your presence!

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