27 October 2023

EUROBOIS 2024: renewal of the partnership between EVOLIS and GL events Exhibitions


The timber industry is constantly evolving. It contributes to the response to the major challenges of decarbonisation, innovation and the attractiveness of careers in the sector. In this context, the GreenTech+ division of the GL events Exhibitions group and EVOLIS are proud to announce that they are renewing their strategic partnership to organise EUROBOIS 2024, the world-renowned trade show. 

This partnership, which has already borne fruit over several years, is now even stronger to respond to current and future challenges in the timber industry. The two entities are committed to working together to promote key values such as sustainability, innovation and professional excellence. 

  • Decarbonisation: The timber industry has an essential role to play in reducing carbon emissions. The partnership aims to highlight the technological advances and sustainable practices that will make it possible to meet the decarbonisation targets set by international agreements. 

  • Innovation: Innovation is central to the growth of the timber industry. EVOLIS and GL events Exhibitions will work hand in hand to encourage research and the development of new technologies, materials and production methods. 

  • Attractiveness of timber careers: The timber sector is rich in career opportunities, from forestry to design, production and distribution. The partnership aims to inspire interest in timber careers among the younger generations by spotlighting the exciting professional prospects it offers. 

The trade show will offer a unique platform for timber industry professionals to share their knowledge, innovations and best practice. It will bring the main players in the sector together, from environmental experts to technological visionaries and talented woodworkers. This unique platform will take the form of the EVOLIS Innovation Village within the exhibition. A meeting place for discussions and demonstrations around decarbonisation and prospects for jobs and careers, the village will reflect the dynamism and excellence embodied in the timber industry. 

The renewal of this partnership demonstrates the continuing commitment of EVOLIS and GL events Exhibitions to working closely together to promote the sustainable growth of the timber industry. The whole timber community is invited to join this initiative in order to contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. 


ABout evolis :

EVOLIS, France’s national organisation for timber machinery and technological equipment manufacturers, is the largest association working in the timber industry. Representing a wide range of stakeholders, from forestry to construction, it aims to promote sustainability, innovation and excellence in the industry. 

EVOLIS was created as a result of the need for strong representation for suppliers of equipment and machinery for industrial production, who contribute actively to the competitiveness and efficiency of French industry by modernising production facilities. To raise awareness among stakeholders about issues relevant to the industry such as business competitiveness, productivity and the attractiveness of careers in the sector, EVOLIS works closely with client professional organisations, industry strategy committees and government departments. 

EVOLIS also contributes to the work of the European associations, of which it is a founder member. 

EVOLIS defends the strategic role played by its members in serving industrial competitiveness and supporting productive investment in France. 


About GL events Exhibitions Opérations:  

With 200 events organised worldwide for professionals and the general public, GL events Exhibitions Opérations has unequalled expertise in organising exhibitions and trade shows – a business that must stay abreast of increasingly specialised marketing, communication and organisational techniques while retaining close ties with market players. The Eurobois exhibition is organized by the GreenTech+ division of GL events, which also manages seven other major gatherings: BePOSITIVE, Open Energies, Expobiogaz, Hyvolution, Paysalia, Piscine Global, Rocalia. GreenTech+ is the newest division of the GL events group, providing a unique shop window born from the synergy of gatherings that touch on common themes of ecological innovation and sustainable development. GL events created GreenTech+ to take up a full-time, active part in the world’s big environmental issues, with a format unique in its genre that builds bridges between the sectors of the future and maximizes their visibility. GreenTech+ is an accelerator committed to accompanying the sector’s stakeholders in their developments and in their search for the solutions of tomorrow, while instilling an ever-greater eco-awareness among our citizens. 

CONTACT GL events Exhibitions: Alexandra Moncorge – alexandra.moncorge@gl-events.com 

Contact EVOLIS : Oscar ROJO – orojo@evolis.org | 06 30 00 69 57

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