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Organized by Bati-journal TV with backing from France Bois Forêt, the trade show’s TV stage was presenting a variety of conferences, round-the-table discussions, and interviews on the sector’s key issues. Discover an extensive programme revolving around four main themes: Industry, resources, training, and innovation.

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Here is the latest schedule of conferences, round-the-table discussions, and interviews.

Tuesday, 6th February

picto_Plateau TV.png10.30am // TRADE SHOW OPENING CEREMONY

picto_Plateau TV.png1.00pm // Industry // Investment in craftsmanship

Is it possible for a craft firm’s workshop to go digital? How can craft firms emulate industrial manufacturers and go about optimizing their organization with computerization of their machines? How are they to invest wisely?

picto_Plateau TV.png2.00pm // Training // Training finances

What measures are available for funding in-company or individual training? How does one tackle career conversion?

picto_Plateau TV.png​3.30pm // Innovation // Timber and design

An appealing design is essential in maintaining timber as an attractive option for interior layouts. How can companies incorporate design in their development strategies?

picto_Plateau TV.png5.00pm // Resources // Does French forestry meet the demand?

Do the products from French forests match what customers are looking for? Species, quality, price, other criteria?

Wednesday, 7th February

picto_Plateau TV.png10.30am // Industry // Fitting out in the digital millennium

Digital solutions enable custom layouts to be designed, visualized, and executed without sacrificing the high-productivity industrial manufacturing process.

picto_Plateau TV.png11.15am // SYMOP Special program

picto_Plateau TV.png12.00 noon // Resources // Hardwood review and prospects

How do we make the most of French hardwood forests? Outlets, added value, competitiveness, uses, etc.

picto_Plateau TV.png2.00pm // Training // Learning tools

What learning tools are available in the timber and wood sector? How are these changing with the times? MOOC, SPOC, and other digital tools.

picto_Plateau TV.png3.30pm // Innovation // Technical products made from local timber

In the context of a growing demand for more elaborate wooden products, is local timber suitable for making these technical items?


Thursday, 8th February

picto_Plateau TV.png10.30am // Industry // Digital maintenance

Predictive maintenance represents a quantum leap forward. It nevertheless involves specific understanding from the customer and additional means from the supplier. This implicitly means a new business model.

picto_Plateau TV.png12.00 noon // Resources // The changing world of the forestry resource

How can the resource be updated in line with exploitation methods, climate change, market needs? How can we help forest owners adapt and maximize the value of their products?

picto_Plateau TV.png2.00pm // Training // The new apprenticeship methods

Apprentice training by in-company immersion, an effective operational solution.

picto_Plateau TV.png3.30pm // Innovation // Forest exploitation and sawmills in face of the digital wave

Feedback from two digitization experiences at the leading end of the sector: “Forestry on the move, a digital tool at the service of the forest”, and “Sawmill 4.0: how data facilitates the optimization of productivity and quality”.


Presentation of the 2017 project submission prize-winners and launch of the 2018 edition. Philippe Meunier, Vice Chairman of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, will be in attendance.

Friday, 9th February

picto_Plateau TV.png10.30am // Industry // Machining new materials

New products from second-stage timber conversion are being developed in order to meet changing market needs, a development that means new techniques and new machines.

picto_Plateau TV.png​2.00pm // Training // Feedback from the selection of young carpenter finalists

The young carpenter contest stimulates cultural and international exchange among young, enthusiastic professionals, at the service of mutual knowledge.

picto_Plateau TV.png3.30pm // Resources // Labels at the service of quality

Is displaying an accreditation label and meeting the criteria laid down for doing so a guarantee of quality for the consumer?


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