EXPANDO T revolutionizes thin fronts | Eurobois 2018
12 July 2018

EXPANDO T revolutionizes thin fronts

EXPANDO T brings the world of slimline doors to professionals! This innovation, launched at this February’s latest edition of Eurobois, is a big step forward for thin-front installations.


Blum is an Austrian family business with international reach. Hinged, sliding, and swing-up door and drawer systems are some of their flagship products. The company, which supplies over 120 markets and has over 7200 employees, is one of Austria’s most innovative companies. With its new Expando T product, it has developed a technology to facilitate the fitting of slim front panels while enabling professionals to add style to their list of selling points.


These days, customers must rely on their own resources to install slim fronts. Various fastening systems for different materials are available on the market, but they can be costly. Blum has created a new fastening system that is easy to install and can be used with all materials, down to 8mm thickness,

explains Christophe Chenu, director of Blum France.



Innovative technique and simple construction


Expando T offers fitting-out professionals four essential advantages:


  • Versatility: the system is usable with hinges, swing-up doors, and drawers alike. Single units up to full kitchens can now be fitted with thin fronts.

  • Ease of installation: Expando T fits into a 10mm diameter hole with a bore depth of only 6mm. Only a few operations are needed to fit a front piece: drill, fit, and tighten. What’s more, it can always be removed.

  • Effectiveness: the combination of two materials ensures a firm hold. Plastic jaws guarantee a safe grip on delicate fronts. Steel blades are used for the hardest materials.

  • Pathway to style: fitting-out professionals can offer the end-user great-looking solutions matching current trends (thin fronts, all types of composite material, granite, solid surface, etc.)


Last but not least, all products in the Blum range are CTB and FCBA certified components!

Photo credit: BLUM

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