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09 January 2018

The invaluable memo

Available only on the Web, la Forêt et le Bois en France en 100 questions* tackles the sector’s big issues precisely and instructively. A publication for you to discover straight away.

Up-to-date scientific and technical information

Conceived and put together by the French Agricultural Academy, Forestry and Timber in France in 100 questions  (link www.academie-foret-bois.fr) offers up-to-date scientific and technical information covering all aspects of a multi-faceted sector. Everyone will have the reading keys to understanding, debating, and acting in a context whereby social, political and economic concerns about the forest and its timber channel are running high on a European, national, and worldwide scale. By adopting a standpoint at the interface between science, technology and society, the French Agricultural Academy contributes to the sharing of knowledge; it helps take a fresh look at popular conceptions, fills in knowledge gaps, and lets citizens participate in collective exchanges where a voice in matters is often the preserve of technicians and specialists.

10 key subjects for understanding the whole Forestry and the Wood picture in France

This publication (link www.academie-foret-bois.fr) is constantly being complemented and updated. With its clear, structured navigation system, it comprises ten sections that can be read separately:

  • French forests and the industries linked to them
  • forestry ecosystems and their functions
  • timber, the forest’s big product
  • other goods and services generated by forests
  • risks facing forests
  • climate change
  • the forestry-timber sector’s assets in a “green” economy
  • sustainable forest management
  • politics and governance
  • relations between forests and rural societies

*Forestry and Timber in France in 100 questions




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09 January 2018

Oak exports looking good

The exportation of oak, in rough and sawn form alike, started climbing again between mid-2016 and mid-2017 in terms of both value and volume.
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09 January 2018

They have opted for timber

Timber construction has the wind in its sails. Housing stakeholders speak about it in an eloquent video produced by France Bois Forêt.
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