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09 November 2018

Procime Up: a quality label on the rise

The Procimeup quality label, launched in 2017, promotes high performance in mixed wood-aluminium window frames. Initiated by manufacturing companies and managed by CERIBOIS, Procimeup now unites twenty or so stakeholders.

Procimeup: yet another quality label? Not quite. The objectives are different.

It is as demanding as the others when it comes to quality and performance but simpler to negotiate, while also putting an accent on the finish. Reflecting the expectations of the sector’s SMBs and microenterprises, it demands an improvement in company skills. To achieve this, it helps them strengthen their technical and organizational performance.


In this context, Procimeup has access to the support and resources of the CERIBOIS technical centre, along with its test lab expertise, to assist companies in their steps toward obtaining the quality label.



Although the label is quite recent, around twenty companies nationwide have already earned or are well on the way to earning it.

Christophe Gallopin, in charge of specification and development, has the mission of promoting the label to project owners as well as main contractors and building economists. He explains the positive effects the label has had in


guaranteeing complete, high performance levels in terms of weatherproofing, acoustics, thermal insulation, and lasting finish. It thus ensures that project owners will obtain high-quality, durable constructions. Specifiers and influencers are becoming more and more aware of the label and starting to demand it in tender submissions. Alongside this, the network effect that accredited companies are hoping for is gradually taking shape, making them more visible and facilitating their entry into contracting consortia. For them, this provides a new impetus.


Among the label’s requirements is the implementation of in-factory production inspections, audited yearly by CERIBOIS. Label-enabled companies reap the benefit of facilitated relations and long-term assistance, a strengthening of their network, and a framework for the ongoing optimization of their production quality.

The end goal is to drag French-made wooden joinery upward in terms of performance and to instil an image of quality and durability.


Wooden joinery manufacturers have everything to gain from this kind of initiative!




Contact: Christophe GALLOPIN



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05 November 2018

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