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Cohome, layout laboratory


For the second consecutive time, French furniture equipment manufacturers were present at the Eurobois exhibition.

"It's a real pleasure to continue the Eurobois adventure begun with great success in 2022!" Stéphane Veron, President of the French Furniture Equipment Manufacturers' Association. This renewed partnership with the trade show for wood, processing techniques and fittings sends a strong signal to interior designers and fitters: the presence of Equipementiers de l'Ameublement Français will enable them to discover the shared know-how and disruptive innovations of industrial suppliers to the furniture industry. 

The 2024 version of COHOME is conceived as an unprecedented, full-scale demonstrator of the know-how and collaborative solutions of 11 furnishings experts.

New edition, new identity. And a new dimension. For its third edition, the COHOME project, a layout laboratory, goes from the virtual to the real: 70m2 of optimized, multi-purpose space, creating a life-size collective residence project, for better living in urban housing.

© Alexandre Moulard

In all, 12 zones make up the COHOME Urban Social Club: from the reception area to the dining area, from the smile area to soft mobility or the laundry room, from the multi-purpose room christened "The good, the bad and the parent" to creative hobbies, DIY, audio and video, toilets and waste management, these spaces create a new way of community living.

More than just a clever display of different technical solutions, they are part of a societal project, combining CSR, comfort, a mix of materials, modularity and customization. A concrete response to the current needs of interior designers and architects.

What's on the agenda?

An equipment manufacturers' village showcasing their solutions, with Cohome, the layout laboratory created for the first time on a scale of 1. "The new generation of our joint Cohome project will be the focal point of this atypical village, a veritable human-scale demonstrator of innovative, designer layout solutions", explains Julie Millet, Market Manager for the group. "At this latest edition of Eurobois, designers and interior architects will be able to obtain a complete, tailored response to their questions in a unique setting", she adds.

© Alexandre Moulard

Highlights, angles and thematic trails

  • CSR trail: from exemplary materials to a strong societal approach.

  • Shared know-how and tailor-made solutions, or how to rethink city life.

  • COHOME Urbain Social Club, or how to live better in urban housing.

  • Sharing services in a confined space: new living comfort in the city

  • Coliving, the answer to the needs of interior designers and architects.

  • Focus on modularity: a necessity for versatile spaces.

Every morning from 9:00 to 10:00 took place on stand 6J44 for the Layout Coffees!

For a private tour of the use demonstrator with interior designers and equipment manufacturers.

A fixtures laboratory at the center of the village

For the 2024 edition, Europe's leading trade show will be launching a large space dedicated specifically to fixtures and fittings, where Equipment Manufacturers were present, with the opportunity for participants to test furniture.

This event was eagerly awaited by all furnishing suppliers.

"MSA FRANCE is already actively preparing for this key event in the world of fixtures and fittings," stresses Marion Blanchet, Marketing Manager at MSA.

"Eurobois 2024 will provide an opportunity for Equipment Manufacturers to unveil a fine mutual project!"

"There's no substitute for direct contact on a trade show stand like Eurobois!" continues Marion Rigaud, Marketing Manager at Blum France. "The event has become THE major rendezvous with our craftsmen and fitters!" she adds.

 For Anaïs Boitelle, External Communications Manager at LMC, "For us, it's essential to take part in Eurobois to meet our customers, exchange ideas and unveil our latest innovations."

A fervor shared by Yann Colfaux, National Prescription Director at Pfleiderer. "We're really looking forward to Eurobois 2024! It's a great opportunity for us to meet and exchange ideas with our customers.

3 questions to Stéphane Veron


❝ This 2024 version of COHOME, the layout laboratory, is a source of great pride for us as equipment manufacturers. It's a demonstration of our shared know-how, a departure from the virtual plans, sketches and models of previous editions of COHOME. Thanks to the meticulous work we've been doing hand-in-hand with Studio Versavel for the past 12 months, we're finally going to be able to unveil it full-size at Eurobois! ❞



❝ It's central, because it's a priority! In its 2024 edition, the COHOME project, a shopfitting laboratory, embodies a genuine commitment to CSR, which has always been part of the DNA of our company. For example, our 11 experts have carefully selected VOC-free and low-carbon supplies. The site also features a number of environmental awareness points, such as a soft mobility parking area, an indoor vegetable garden and waste weighing facilities. This also involves sharing services to optimize energy consumption. And by choosing a 70m2 space, we're contributing to individual comfort and economic and land rationalization... with a smile! Come and discover COHOME Urban Social Club 2024 at Eurobois! ❞


❝ COHOME 2024 is concrete. That's our ambition. There's no need to think ahead, just visit. It's a totally new approach. We're making it part of a resolutely realistic project, very much in touch with market realities and adapted to today's requirements. In other words, it's both a flexible living space with shared services, where teleworkers, young people, working people and the elderly rub shoulders to break the isolation of apartment living, and a multi-purpose living space with a committed environmental approach. This is what interior designers and architects are looking for, in search of inspiration and new solutions ❞


Stéphane Veron, President of the French Furniture Manufacturers' Association



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