16 May 2022

Strong voice of the industry: AIMSAD


AIMSAD, the leading company of the Turkish woodworking machinery industry, was established on June 6, 2014 in Istanbul. The Woodworking Machinery Industrialists' Association (AIMSAD), which has 81 active members that produce at world standards, not only contributes to the development of the industry with its works for woodworking machinery and sub-industry, but also continues to be one of the important commercial partners of major importing countries.

Having signed many projects and collaborations that will add value to its member companies, 95 percent of the members of AIMSAD are machinery manufacturers. AIMSAD, which participates in many domestic and international fairs, organizations, and meetings, discusses the demands and expectations of the entire sector, especially its members, on these platforms. AIMSAD, which provides one-to-one meetings with the relevant authorities for the solution of the problems faced by the woodworking machinery industry, aims to find faster and more effective solutions to the problems by strengthening the communication with the market stakeholders.



Continuing its efforts to support the exports of its member companies, AIMSAD launched the www.turkishwoodworkingmachinery.com portal in 2020 in this context. Each member has an online store of their own company on the website. In this online store, the company's contact information, company product catalogs, all details about the product, even photos and videos can be accessed. The portal is visited especially from India, USA, China, United Kingdom, Iran, Egypt, Germany, United Arab Emirates and Russia. The portal, which received a total of 55 thousand visits in 2021, is offered to AIMSAD members free of charge.

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