21 September 2017


In the image of open-source “free” software, timber materials manufacturer Metsä Wood has launched its “open source wood”  platform, aimed at advancing the use of timber in construction. An initiative for sharing!

Accounting for only 5–10% of the construction market, timber suffers from the domination of steel and concrete. That’s why this Finnish manufacturer has undertaken to defend the qualities of timber and to boost its use by creating a new platform that will enable architects, designers, and engineers to join forces, share their innovations, and input their knowledge of large scale modular timber construction.

Metsä Wood’s deputy general manager, Esa Kaikkonen, explains:

"There’s no shortage of innovations but they are not easy to get at. The “Open Source Wood” project exists to tackle this problem. We are convinced that open collaboration will enable the sector to make big strides.”

The initiative draws its inspiration from the open source software movement and sets out to drive innovation forward more quickly in order to reach the market earlier.To provide a starting impetus, Metsä Wood has already placed protected information on the platform, now accessible to all, concerning the modular items in its Kerto® LVL product range, which is produced from 3mm thick, rotary-peeled softwood veneers glued together to form a continuous billet.

image 2 - Mesta Wood.png

Crédit photo : Metsä Wood

For further information and to join the Open Source Wood project, visit:


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